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Discover a new brand. Discover a new you. Elements Health Clubs, MORE than a workout!

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Functional Lifestyle Optimization

Whether your needs are in Nutrition Programming & Private Coaching, Group Fitness & Martial Arts, Strength & Conditioning Training Zones, Pools & Saunas Or just looking to Relax in one of our Lounges, you will “Find Your Element”.

We are your guide to help you find your strength and energy for life. Elements Health Clubs, MORE than a workout, and we mean it.

With locations in Washington, Oregon, and California Elements Health Clubs is one of the fastest-growing fitness brands on the West Coast!

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We’re Online and Here to Help You Reach Your Goals!

Good fitness is more than just going to the gym. Check out our member success solutions, the Elements community will provide you the support you need to reach all of your fitness goals!

With Myzone you’ll never train alone.

Myzone offers the most up-to-date heart-rate training accessories and monitoring.Experience inclusive community fitness, with group exercise and a PT in your pocket. Join the social MEP work that’s measuring what matters.

Myzone App

The Myzone app is your key to connecting, competing with yourself, and collecting MEPs. Go for your goals with real-life data that’s tailored to you.


Myzone Switch

Discover three ways to up your game with MZ-Switch – the world’s first heart rate monitor that you can wear on your chest, arm or wrist.



Getting your baseline measurements done as part of the Elements health assessment. Knowing where you are can give you a better idea of what steps you should take to meet your goals. We'll measure your strength, cardio level, and provide support from our Wellness Coaches in setting up an exercise program that fits your level.